Acoustical Ceilings

Since 1962, Acoustic Associates has worked with the highest quality materials available in the industry to create ceilings in a variety of styles and function.

We source our materials from manufacturers such as USG, Armstrong, Rockfon, CertainTeed, and Gordon.  Our knowledge of the catalogs these manufacturers offer allows us to select the right materials for your project, in both aesthetic and function.

Things to consider when selecting your acoustical ceilings:

Acoustical ceilings come in a variety of styles, sizes and textures. There are also many options such as light reflection, ease of cleaning, impact resistance, and noise reduction.

Grid profile types

  • Donn® Brand DX®/DXL™ 15/16″
  • Donn® Brand Centricitee™ DXT™/DXLT™ 9/16″
  • Donn® Brand Fineline® 1/8 DXFF™ 9/16″
  • Donn® Brand Fineline® DXF™/DXLF™ 9/16″
  • Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™
  • Donn® Brand ZXLA™ 15/16″
  • Donn® Brand AX™/AXCE™ 15-16”
  • Donn® Brand CE™ 1-1/2″

Ceiling tile color

  • White (standard)
  • Black (Standard)
  • 36 advantage and premium color options for select ceiling tile
  • Custom colors available with a minimum order

Ceiling tile profile

  • Square Edge
  • SL/SLT Edge
  • FL/FLB Edge


  • (NRC) Acoustical Noise Reduction
  • (CAC) Acoustical Ceiling Attenuation
  • (LR) Light Reflectance


For technical information, please view link https://www.usg.com/content/usgcom/en.html

Specialty Ceilings

Acoustics Associates also installs specialty ceilings including wood, metal, acoustic baffles and other materials.  Our industry partners USG, Armstrong, Hunter Douglas, Ceilings Plus, ASI, Clipso, and Accent Ceilings.

Our designers and installers are experienced in the construction of custom designs, and will work to bring your vision to life.  Our recent and current custom ceiling projects include:

  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • Prime Therapeutics
  • City of Minneapolis New Public Service Building
  • MSP Airport
  • Cloud Tech High School