Baffles & Clouds

Noise-Reducing Baffles & Clouds

Acoustics Associate’s line of Quiet Solutions™ products offers both baffles and clouds that add aesthetic value to a space while reducing reflective sound. Clouds are acoustic panels suspended in horizontally below the ceiling, while multiple baffles are hung vertically as a series from the ceiling.  Both are highly effective in noise reduction and can be customized with a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes.  Specifications are listed below.

Baffle Specifications:

  • Thickness: 1”, 2”
  • Maximum sizes 120” x 24:h x 2”
  • Absorption Ratings: 1” x 48” x 12” – 6.4 sabins. 

Ceiling Cloud Specifications:

  • Thickness and NRC Ratings: 1” (.80 -.85), 2” (1.00-1.05).
  • Can be hung by a cable or 12 ga. ceiling wire.
  • Attachment to ceiling is determined by the installer, installation hardware not provided.
  • Attachment points: Contact Quiet Solutions about attachment methods.

General Specifications

  • All Quiet SolutionsTM Ceilings, Baffles, and Ceiling Clouds should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All necessary hardware and accessories for a complete job installation are to be furnished by the contractor.
  • Installation of Ceilings, Baffles, and Ceiling Clouds shall not begin until all wet work, such as plastering, concrete, etc. is completely dry. The panels are designed for installation under standard occupancy conditions from 60°F to 85°F and not at more than 80% R.H. in an enclosed building.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all surfaces and conditions prior to the ceiling, baffle, and ceiling cloud installation.


  • All Ceilings, Baffles and Ceiling Clouds shall be pre-finished Quiet SolutionsTM products by Acoustics Associates, Inc.
  • Core material will be the exact height, width, and shape detailed on the project drawings.
  • Ceilings, Baffles, and Ceiling Clouds have a desired Noise reduction Coefficient (N.R.C.) by using ASTM C423-81a. Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method.
  • All components utilized in the construction of these wall panels meet class I (0-25) rating as tested per ASTM E-84a. Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Quiet Solutions™ Warranty

Quiet SolutionsTM warranties its products against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of installation. The materials must be installed in accordance with all applicable installation guidelines in effect at the time of installation.  

Acoustics Associates, Inc.