Edge Treatments & Mounting

Edge Treatments

In addition to customized fabrics, sizes, and colors, our Quiet SolutionsTM line of products also includes several edge treatments to enhance your acoustic project. Style options for edging include: Square, Radius, Bevel and Half Bevel.

Mounting Options

When mounting our products, several options are available depending on the needs and circumstances of your project.  Installation instructions are included with each shipment.

Mounting Adhesive

Construction adhesive is applied to the back of each panel to attach in the desired location.  Temporary support is required until glue dries, installation is permanent.

Mechanical Clips

Panels are secured to the wall with clips that are matched with like hardware on the wall.  Panels may be removed and replaced without damage.

Impaling Clips

Impaling clips are mounted onto the wall, and the panels are set into the clips.  Adhesive is used for additional support, installation is permanent.

Magnetic Support

Panels can be mounted to metal surfaces using high-strength magnets.  Panels may be removed and replaced without damage.